Amblagar is an Art Studio.

Amblagar was born from the fusion between visual anthropology and digital art. We value detail, elegance, delicacy, keeping the big picture in mind. We work in a continuously evolving perspective. Amblagar is a creative force nurtured from the contribution of each artist.

Amblagar is creation.

Motion Graphics


Anything you imagine, in whichever style you imagine, is possible through illustration. Amblagar is a collective of artists working as a net to catch and make visible what seems invisible: the worlds and ideas from above.

Character Design

It's always about telling a story. In the form of a game, in the page of a comic book, in a sequence of an animation. Ideas into actions, which need actors to play them. Finding the right actor for a great story is one of the things we do best.


Design is Art (why not?). Design is the art of shaping the message. Synchronicity results in a particular relation between what you want to say and our design team that creates the bridge to reach your audience.

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